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<a href="">View the slide show</a> How does the solar energy work ?  Solar energy is an endless, renewable source. Solar energy is created by harnessing the sun's light&

<a href="">View the slide show</a> Solar Solutions use the Helliocol pool solar panels imported from Israel with a 10 year limited warranty.  SABS approved, UV Stabilized, withs

<a href="">View the slide show</a> Aquatemp Heat pump   The Aquatemp swimming pool heat pump is an extremely efficient, economical machine, designed specifically for pool

Thermal Pool Covers   By far, the most popular choice of pool cover is the Thermal Pool Blanket given its ease of use and the fact that it can be easily fitted to any shape and size pool. The Thermal cover, available in Blue and Black, is

<a href="">View the slide show</a>   Solar Solutions offers a wide range of standard skylight products to suit your needs. From Fixed flat flush glazed skylights for sloped r

<a href="">View the slide show</a> Roof Windows     Adding natural light can have a positive impact on the value and feel of your home, so by combining

<a href="">View the slide show</a> A revolutionary product that will brighten up any gloomy area How It Works - Solatube is the new technology in skylighting worldwide. The

<a href="">View the slide show</a>     Most people think of ventilating a building or room only when they feel uncomfortably hot. Until they feel the discomfort c

Kitchen ventilation is the branch of Ventilation that specialises in how to deal with kitchen air, especially as this air is different from that of other types of environments as it typically contains grease, smoke and odours. Restaurant kitche

 Loft Ladders          Applications The LWK Loft Ladder is a folding loft ladder made of the highest quality pine wood, supplied with an insulated hatch door, r

<a href="">View the slide show</a> Window Filming Window Tinting - GLASS-GARD Benefits With GLASS-GARD on duty, glass may shatter but the window film will help hold the gla

Solar Lights

<a href="">View the slide show</a> Why Solar? Going solar has a wide range of benefits and whether it’s economic, environmental, or personal, all of these benefits are fuel
About Us

Solar Solutions was established in 1999 by using renuable energy solutions technology. We are harnassing, reducing, cooling and lighting residential and commercial premises.

We reduce your carboncopy by up to 100%, putting Solar Solutions on the forefront of the solar industry for the past 17 years. We guarantee Highest quality products, lowest prices with most professional service!

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Mobile: 0822559916
Fax: 0866846043
South Africa

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Solar Solutions service the Southern Cape including the Greater Karoo.


Oakspring farm,
Plettenberg Bay
South Africa

Contact Us:
Amelia Boscombe
Tel no: 0731660262
Mobile no:0731660262
Fax no:0866846043

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