How does the solar energy work ?

      Solar energy is an endless, renewable source. Solar energy is created by harnessing the sun's light   and heat by                capturing them through solar panels. Solar  energy accounts for the majority of renewable energy, however only a fraction of the available energy is being used. Solar energy can be adapted to fuel  houses, offices, schools, cars, and many more.

There are two methods of harnessing solar energy. One focuses on gathering thermal energy and the other focuses on light energy.

How Solar Works

A solar water heating system consists of two main components; a solar collector (or panel) and a storage tank. The collector is a glass-glazed, insulated plate that is painted a dark colour for maximum light absorption. Collectors can be fixed onto any roof type, be it angled or flat. Inside the collector run a series of pipes for the transportation of water / other fluids (depending on the type of system you have, see the difference between direct and in-direct here.

The solar collector turns the sun’s energy into heat. This heat is then transferred via the pipes to the storage tank where the water is held. Our tanks are usually positioned above the collectors to allow the heat to move by convection (otherwise known as a Thermosiphon system) but can be placed in any position desired with the addition a pump to move the water.

The hard truth is that electricity costs have been rising endlessly and are set to continue rising by an average of 25% per annum. As your geyser’s consumption can account for up to 60% of your monthly electricity bill, solar water heating is an extremely effective means of drastically reducing electricity costs with savings to be seen and enjoyed from day one.


     The benefits of Solar

    enlightened  Start saving up to 60% on electricity from day one

    enlightened   Solar Solutions makes switching to solar heated water easy and affordable.  

     enlightened  Invest in Green energy for your home and do good for the environment and your children’s                                  generation.

    enlightened  Increase the value of your property by installing a solar water heating system.

                                                             enlightened   Power cuts will hardly affect your hot water needs.

                                                            enlightened  Virtually maintenance free systems.

                                                            yes   All of our systems carry a 5 year warrantee on the collector and tank.


Close coupled Systems                                                                           

These are the most common systems on the market. It consists of roof-mounted solar collectors, combined with a horizontally-mounted storage tank located immediately above these collectors.  In most close coupled systems a pump is not required. Heated water rises naturally through the solar collectors and enters the storage tank. When this happens, cooler water at the base of the storage tank is forced out and flows down to the bottom of the collectors. This cycle is continuously repeated while the sun is shining. Most commercially available solar hot water systems employ this cycle, commonly referred to as ‘thermosyphon flow'.

The Close-coupled system is a roof mounted, close-coupled, solar hot water system which can be easily installed on tile, steel clad & flat roofs. There are no complicated pumps or controllers to worry about, as the circulation of the hot water is automatically achieved using the natural thermosiphon principle. To conserve the solar energy collected, the corrosion resistant copper inner cylinder is insulated and is encapsulated in a durable weatherproof aluminium casing. The system is backed up by a thermostatically controlled electric element. This ensures efficiency, simplicity and reliability and also preserves the aesthetics of your home


 Split Systems

 This system works on the same principle as the close-coupled thermosyphon system, except that the storage tank is located within the roof     space .

The base of the tank must be situated at least 300 mm above the collectors.                                                                            


Pumped Systems




The tank is located below the level of the collectors, usually at ground level. Water must therefore be pumped from the tank to the collectors and back by a thermostatically controlled pump. Pumps are not expensive to run, costing between one and two cents per hour. This system can be used when the roof structure isn't strong enough to support a close-coupled system. The system is traditionally boosted by off-peak electricity. Pumps can be mains or photovoltaically driven.

With the Solar Solutions split system the only thing visible on the roof is the flat plate or evacuated tube collector panels. Ideal when the home owner prefers the tank not to be visible on the roof. The storage cylinder can be mounted at any desired location. Depending on the location of the cylinder, pumps and controllers may be required to regulate the flow of water between the cylinder and the collector.  An electric backup element cuts in on those days when the sun refuses to shine, so there is always plenty of hot water on tap, no matter what the conditions.

220V Circulation Pump


  • High quality, robust bronze casing
  • Easy installation
  • 15mm ports
  • 3 x adjustable speed settings
  • Long term maintenance free operation
  • Low operating noise


         EL SID Solar Circulating Pump

For solar system loops, the SID can be powered directly from a PV panel. The sun comes up, heat bulds in the solar hot water panel and at the same time electricity is made in the PV panel. The pump slowly starts with the smallest amount of current and pushes the heated water to the storage tank. It's all too simple and eliminates all controllers, thermostats and sensors.

The EL SID pumps have no seals which can leak, and no bearings to get hot brushes to spark - they are explosion proof.

Product Functions

This pump is used to circulate the water throughout the solar collctor or other hot water heat emitting system. The pumps are circulating, and are best for circulating, and are best for circulating water in a closed-loop system, such as heating or solar. As for anything else, their use is as unlimited as your imagination. Keep in mind they'll pump water, as well as antifreeze and various other chemicals. 



   Geyserwise max Controller unit

      With GeyserwiseMax, you start to save electricity and money immediately!
     Between 40% and 60% of your electricity bill is often calculated as the geyser costs. With Geyserwise you can save up to 70% of the               geyser costs on your electricity bill!

     We replace your conventional thermostat with a digital thermostat. The unit can be used for a number of functions, including:

    setting your geyser to come on at specific times - up to 4 settings per day

clear and accurate temperature displays and settings

protection features


Save up to 30% of your electricity bill

Protection Features:

For safety reasons and to avoid any further damage the unit will display an error code and shut the system down under the following conditions

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